Hemp Seed



Hemp Seed

Hemp seed should not be confused with those of the Cannabis indica plant, which is the variety of hemp that commercial corporate interests were able to have classified as a controlled substance in 1937 (i.e., "reefer"). The Hemp Seed sold here at Starwest Botanicals is of the sativa variety, or "industrial hemp." Although the two herbs are genetically related, any leaves from a plant grown from the sativa variety of hemp seed, dried and smoked, is unlikely to do anything but scorch one's lungs and cause headaches. Cannabis sativa however is very useful for the manufacture of rope, fabrics and even paper; hemp seed itself can be used in the manufacture of an oil useful for cooking and as a motor fuel superior to that from other natural herbs.

Hemp seed is a marvelous food source, packed with nutrients. At least one brand of commercial breakfast cereal contains ground hemp seed meal; it is a common ingredient in some kinds of premium livestock feed. Hemp seed is one of the very few organic herbs that contains all essential amino acids.

Hemp seed has been used with other medicinal herbs for at least 10,000 years and oil pressed from hemp seed granules is also said to have anti-inflammatory properties. 

Price: 18.99

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